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IT Continuity

We help organisations to manage and  legacy IT infrastructure, systems and applications keeping them going while new systems are architectured, designed and implemented.

We provide ongoing management of the platform throughout it's lifecycle.


We help you utilise open source technology in lieu of more costly commercial offerings fully supporting your move to a cloud native landscape through innovative technology such as D2IQ


Cloud Enablement

We have years of experience working with co-location, private, public and hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, assisting organisations in using Cloud services in an intelligent way to extend the life and scope of existing applications and services.


Using Cloud as part of Development Operations to speed up launch or new Applications and Services

Our relationship with D2iQ is a key part to delivering a transparent and Cloud vendor neutral approach to Cloud Enablement. 

Monitoring Room


Delivering consultancy to author and implement an effective Information Security Management System to gain certification to ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials or HMG SPF standards.


Helping build business continuity and resilience into your organisation through effective use of technology.

PCI Compliance to PCI-DSS standards, PCI consultancy to achieve PCI PTS/P2PE/POI and Mastercard TQM compliance for your payment systems.

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